Alci Popp

Alci Popp

Who am I


What gets me going

Having a world class degree and getting some good grades landed me an exciting job with this international firm that specialises in infrastructure development for the water industry in Australia and abroad.

Why I'm excited to be an engineer

The synergies from my combination of qualifications were not obvious from the start, but as I gained pace and moved from 1st to 2nd year and into 3rd Uni, I learned that Civil Engineering had a very strong financial side to it, especially in the Project Management stream that I undertook.

Now out in the workforce, it's really helped me as most of the work we do has a defensive strategy attached to it, with clients being sought in the water industry, using contracts that come in from the Planning & Engineering groups.

Current Employer and position

I am a Consultant in the Business Solutions Group at MWH Pty Ltd. (Montgomery Watson & Harza), which caters for asset management, strategic business development & management as well as financial modelling.

MWH Pty Ltd is a global US company specialising in Water & Wastewater industry. They also have major alliances in Sydney with Sydney Water for projects such as Warragamba STP (Sewer Treatment Plant).

How I got there

My initial role in the firm was as a graduate Civil Engineer, working on frontline projects and alliances with clients such as Sydney Water and the NSW Government.

After about a year, I decided to also try the economic side of things now that I had a feel for the technical. Thanks to my second degree in commerce with a major in Economics, the change was easier than ever. I now find myself working the same exciting projects I did before, but from a financial, strategic and planning point of view.

What else do I do

I have an online Vinyl Record Shop which keeps me busy! I also enjoy bike riding, ice skating and playing tennis.

What I wanted to do when I was younger

Turning back a chapter and reflecting upon those cool summer days when I could sit and enjoy the breeze of fresh air on the lawn in front of the Engineering Library, I sometimes have to say that I truly miss it.

It is the environment, the medium and the facilities that have made it a great and unforgettable journey. Looking back on the times I had at Sydney Uni, I would give anything to relive them. I hope you can enjoy such times too.


Double degree in Civil Engineering and Commerce at University of Sydney (2002-2006)



  • Australian Constructors Association
  • Cochlear
  • Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO)
  • Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO)
  • Leighton Holdings Limited
  • Resmed
  • Thales
  • ARUP
  • KBR