Joy Woods

Joy Woods

Who am I


What gets me going

Engineering has given me the chance to work with very intelligent and inspiring people in a variety of fields.

Why I'm excited to be an engineer

I've learned that when something is challenging or appears impossible, you have to be positive and think creatively to find the most effective solution, which may not be the most obvious. Final words of advice; always act with integrity, continue to learn and strive to be the best you can.

Current Employer and position

Currently I am working as a consultant at Brandwood Biomedical. Part of my role involves working with start-ups and small medical device companies to advise them on global regulatory strategy and compliance, risk analysis, quality management systems and design controls. In short, we help medical device companies bring their products to market. I started working for the company as a student, and stayed on when I graduated. Travel is a part of the job and there are a lot of opportunities in Australia and overseas.

How I got there

An engineering degree gives you real hands on experience while you are still studying. I completed two internships during my degree; the first was as a research engineer in for CLP Power in Hong Kong studying the motion of tall buildings. In 2007, I completed an internship as a design engineer at Resmed, a medical device company. What was most significant for me was that as a young engineer I was given a high level of trust and responsibility very early in my career which was extremely empowering. My work was being taken seriously I was given the opportunity to work on large projects that had real world significance.

What else do I do

Athletics, Rock Climbing.


Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical)(Biomedical)(Hons), University of Sydney, Graduated in 2007.



  • Australian Constructors Association
  • Cochlear
  • Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO)
  • Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO)
  • Leighton Holdings Limited
  • Resmed
  • Thales
  • ARUP
  • KBR